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After a successful pilot program in the Northern Rivers Region (NSW, Australia), during 2022 - 2023, GROWTunnels is now seeking expressions of interest for investment in expanding the reach of this program through the development of a mobile app.


By harnessing the powerful intersection of technology, sustainability, and community, GROWTunnels is on a mission to revolutionise the local food ecosystem through blockchain technology, AI driven solutions and grower-seller partnerships.

Because together, we can change the future of food.

In today's rapidly changing world, the need for sustainable, community-focused solutions has never been more critical. The GROWMarketplace mobile application is designed to empower local food growers and sellers by creating a connected network that ensures food stays within the community, reducing food waste, food miles, and food costs, all while strengthening local communities.


Stats from our Northern Rivers pilot program:  

  • 8 local growers participated & 10 local buyers
  • Over $13,000 in local produce was sold through the marketplace
  • 101 orders successfully fulfilled
  • Average order value $132.58

Some of the 'fruitful' highlights:

  • 594 bunches of coriander
  • 90 kg of lemons
  • 230 lettuces
  • 241 pak choi
  • 142 kg tomatoes


Some of our Pilot Participants



Why investing in the future of our food network is a promising investment opportunity

Blockchain-Powered Transparency

By utilising blockchain technology, the GROWMarketplace will provide end-to-end transparency in the food supply chain. This kind of transparency will be a game-changer in the food industry, responding to the rise in ‘localvore’ consumers seeking out produce that can be traced from ‘farm-to-fork’ and ‘paddock-to-plate’, because they want to know exactly where their food came from and how it was produced.

AI-Driven 'Food Futures' Model

By leveraging AI algorithms, the GROWMarketplace will help growers to predict food demand, optimise supply chains, and minimise overproduction. Growers and buyers can enter into a ‘Food Futures’ contract, benefiting both parties; growers know their output requirements, and that they have a buyer in place for their produce, and buyers benefit by more stable pricing, instead of seasonal fluctuations based on supply and demand.

This not only boosts the profitability of our users, but also benefits the environment by fostering long-term sustainability.

Local Economic Impact

Supporting local food growers and sellers directly contributes to the growth of local economies. 

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

Environmental and sustainability considerations are increasingly driving consumer buying decisions. The GROWMarketplace will champion sustainable and environmental practices by:

Reducing Food Miles

By connecting local producers and farmers (growers) with local cafes, restaurants and retailers (buyers) in real time. Buyers can see what is available within their local area, rather than relying on larger wholesaler distributors from cities to transport produce. 

Reducing Food Waste

Globally, approximately one-third of food is wasted1. In Australia, this amounts to $36.6 billion each year and around 7.6 million tonnes of food2. According to the National Farmers Federation, up to 25% of food produced never leaves the farm3, either due to overproduction or unsuitability for major retailers to accept.

Reducing Carbon Footprint & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A 2022 study4 showed that the freight transport of fruits and vegetables alone contributes to 36% of total food-mile emissions – almost twice the amount of greenhouse gases released during production.
Transport contributes to 19% of the total food-system emissions (which includes transportation, production and land-usage).

Food waste accounts for 3% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions5.


By creating a local food network that supports growers to meet local consumer requirements, the GROWMarketplace will help to decrease the effects producing food has on the environment.
If you would like the opportunity to discuss how the GROWMarketplace can align with your investment portfolio and contribute to your vision of supporting sustainable forward-thinking startups, we would love to chat with you further.

Simply reach out to us at and a member of our team will get in touch with more details.


Together, we can create a more sustainable and connected food future.