SmartFarm Sensors

SmartFarm Sensors provide the data and digital platform that puts crop monitoring in the palm of your hand. Order yours today!

      • These compact and affordable sensors measure air humidity, air temperature, soil moisture and temperature to provide precise agricultural information to help maximise yields and minimise costly inputs such as water and additional soil fertilisation, helping you understand the farm management requirements, unique to your growing area.

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        • Frame: Galvanised BlueBand - BS1387 Steel pipe frame kit 

          • Main tunnel 40M width x 40M length x 4.8M height
          • Exterior roof shade frame overall height 5.5M
          • 5 Span
        • Cover Film: Solarweave 160GSM 15-20% shade
        • Ventilation system includes:

          • Roll up sidewalls with UV stabilised insect mesh
          • 2M width x 2.5M high double layer sliding doors
          • Internal doors with insect mesh. 
          • One set of doors at each end of tunnel
          • 10 Fans 1000W each. 1M x 1M
          • Side roof vents with insect mesh
        • Automation: Side walls, roof vents, fans and external roof shade are all electric and powered by individual motors via a single control box
        • External Shading: Retractable black UV stabilised shade net gives 50% shade effect when closed.
        • Rainwater collection: Integrated rainwater collection gutter system on all spans
          **Note: Rainwater tank system not supplied.
        • Power Supply: Not supplied. A qualified electrician should be used.
        • Raised Bed System includes:
          • Powder-coated, galvanized zincalume, internal raised beds
          • 425mm high or 850mm high option
          • Approx 1000m2 of growing area

        • Irrigation system includes:

          • Netafim pressure compensating drip Irrigation line
          • Overhead micro sprinklers
          • Irrigation Controller (Raindial 6 station), with built-in transformer for outdoor use in weatherproof enclosure
          • Solenoids
          • Note: Pump, mainline & power not included
        • **Coming Soon** Smart Farming Sensors

        • Power your extraction fans, digital irrigation and smart farming sensors through solar power, through our preferred supplier ProSolar.
        • Organic certification, agronomy consulting and crop-planning are also available.

SmartFarm Agricultural Sensors

Put the most powerful crop monitoring knowledge in your hands.

GROW SmartFarm Sensors allow farmers and growers to create a network of high-detail data, provides precise knowledge of the soil temperature and moisture, air humidity and temperature, feeding into a portable platform so your data is available to you, in the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

This affordable sensor technology, helps you make the best decisions for your crops, improving soil conditions, managing irrigation and monitoring disease pressure.

How It Works:

Easy Installation

Easy installation

Simply place your sensor in the ground of your field or garden bed, scan the QR code and login to the SmartFarm dashboard to link your SmartFarm sensor to your account.
Data Transfer Begins

Data Transfer Begins

The sensor will begin measuring soil moisture, up to 30cm depth, soil temperature at 10cm depth and air temperature and humidity to provide reliable feedback on disease pressures.

Get notified on your device

Get Notified

Receive decision-making support, direct to your device, through AI assisted predictive analysis, with actions and warning notifications customised to your growing requirements.

SmartFarm Sensors Agricultural Technology App

SmartFarm App:

  • Gain accurate insights, direct from the field, to analyse your data and forecast for the future.
  • Receive alerts from the field, in real time, so you can manage your crops efficiently and maximise produce output.
  • SmartFarm Assistant learns from your data, improving warnings and setting tasks based on prior learning, becoming smarter every day.

SmartFarm Sensor Benefits

Gain Insights

Network connection

Gain insights from every field, with a network of sensors, all viewable in a single dashboard.

Data at your fingertips

Data at your finger tips

Give your crops exactly what they need when they need it, with quality real-time data.

Quick ROI

Improve ROI

Take your growing potential to new heights, by reducing crop-loss risk and improving yields.


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