The Mini Commercial

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      • The Mini Commercial provides all the features of our larger Commercial GROWTunnel, with a smaller footprint - allowing you to maximise your growing potential within an 8m x 24m* area of land. Our GROWTunnels provide the perfect protected, closed-loop environment for growing either conventional or organic food, flower and fauna production, as well as microgreens and seed raising endeavours.

        Payment terms are available. Please contact us for details.

        • Frame: Hot-dip Galvanised Steel pipe frame kit 

          • Main tunnel 8M width x 24M length x 4.8M height (custom sizes also available, in 4M x 8M combinations)
          • Exterior roof shade frame overall height 5.5M
          • Single Span
        • Cover Film: Solarweave 160GSM 15-20% shade
        • Ventilation system includes:
          • Motorised wind roll up sidewalls with UV stabilised insect mesh
          • 2M width x 2.5M high double layer sliding doors
          • Internal doors with insect mesh
          • One set of doors at each end of tunnel
          • Multiple fan options to suit
          • Side roof vents with insect mesh
        • Automation: Side walls, roof vents, fans and external roof shade are all electric and powered by individual motors via a single control box.**
        • External Shading: Retractable black UV stabilised shade net gives 50% shade effect when closed.
          • Rainwater collection: Guttering system on both side walls. Note: Rainwater tank system not included.

            **Power supply not supplied - a qualified electrician should be used.
          • Raised Bed System includes:

            • Powder-coated, galvanised zincalumine, internal raised beds
            • 425mm high or 850mm high option
            • Approx 126m2 of growing area
          • Irrigation System includes:

            • Netafim pressure compensating drip Irrigation line
            • Overhead micro sprinklers
            • Irrigation Controller (Raindial 6 station), with built-in transformer for outdoor use in weatherproof enclosure
            • Solenoids
            • Note: Pump, mainline & power not included
          • ***Coming Soon*** Smart Farming Sensors
          • Power your extraction fans, digital irrigation and smart farming sensors through solar power, through our preferred supplier ProSolar.
          • Organic certification, agronomy consulting and crop-planning are also available.


    Grow Your Income
    Dimensions: 8m width x 24m length x 4.8m height
    The Mini Commercial GROWTunnel is a smaller version of our Commercial GROWTunnel, allowing growers to benefit from the enclosed growing environment, in a smaller footprint.

    In addition to providing protection from intense weather events such as wind, rain, hail and intense sun, these controlled environment GROWTunnels reduce crop losses to pests, wind borne diseases, pathogens and spray drift from chemical farmers, making it the perfect environment for organic food production, seed raising, flowers and fauna.

    The Mini Commercial GROWTunnel features a strong hot-dip galvanised steel frame and durable ‘Solarweave’ 15% shade 160gsm cover film. 

    Ventilation and climate inside the tunnel are easily controlled with two 1000W extraction fans, roll up sidewalls with UV stabilised insect mesh, dual-end double-layer sliding doors with internal insect mesh, side roof vents with insect mesh and retractable UV stabilised shade net – all features able to be managed through a single control box, putting your GROWTunnel climate in the palm of your hand.

    A completely closed-loop solution is achieved with dual-side rain gutter system, enabling rainwater harvesting – a great way to conserve resources and become more self-sufficient.

    Our digital irrigation system and smart farming sensor (coming soon) technology can equip even the most novice grower with the tools and knowledge to produce a healthy, bountiful crop. 


    The Mini Commercial must be installed by one of our approved construction partners. Full instructions can be provided for those with proven construction experience.
    Speak to us about construction options in your area.

    Optional Extras

    Complete your GROWTunnel set up with optional raised beds, irrigation, and water storage solutions. For more information, simply complete the enquiry form on this page and we’ll contact you on the same day.

    Payment Options

    GROW also offers a split payment option. Terms and conditions apply.


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